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Who we are

Crew Platform is a fully integrated platform established for media production companies in order to develop their workflow. By managing media projects through our platform and empowering them with many talented people in Photography, Direction, Acting, Singing, Content Writing and all kinds of talents that could add value to agencies portfolio and projects. Moreover, providing all the needs to create a special and unique projects.


Developing the business of media and audio production production companies, full energy, conditions for success, unique and distinctive works.

Technical Solutions was always my passion. We have developed the platform to add value to the media production sector in Saudi Arabia and the Arab region by organising and developing the work process of production companies, providing all support services, and the appropriate technology to manage their business. Also, allow unique new and motivated talents to achieve their dreams.

Farida Alsaheel

Crew Founder


Give the opportunity to each domestic talent to work and succeed through freelancing.
Improve the inclusive work environment in the media production field
Connecting anyone who needs media production services with the best media production agencies.
Give the opportunity to all suitable venues and unique places to contract with media production agencies for publicity or increasing revenues.


To be the leading media production freelancing platform in the Middle East.
Providing several successful projects in media, arts, and advertising projects.
Improving the local audio-visual productions.
Guarantee a future career for talents with different demographics.
Make the platform the best destination for the companies to produce their projects.

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